"Every day do some writing & whenever you can keep reading"

Opening up a new PnP reading Center (Books & Bag)

Rs. 4,900 each

Annual operational expenses for books, maintenance, etc.

Rs. 5,200 per center

Rental and driver charges for one van route per month

Rs. 18,000

Projection/Display of Video tapes, educational materials in
the van Computer/s for one PnP Center where a fixed space is currently available

Rs. 80,000

Computer, PSU etc. for one PaanPoee Center, where a fixed room is available.

Rs. 35,000

Expenses for material for reporting, mailing

Rs. 15,000

Soft Boards, Display Posters, furniture (only where fixed location)

Rs. 9,000 per location

Incentives for outstanding library helpers (from 640+) per year

Rs. 1,95,000

Annual hosting costs of website

Rs. 2,000

Misc. costs for maintenance of website

Rs. 5,000

* The above mentioned costs are subject to readership sizes, remoteness of locations, and other actual circumstances.

CHEQUES IN Rupees to be made to ‘Yashonidhi Nyas’.


Please Note: All re. donations will be eligible for ‘80G’ exemption.


For Overseas Remittances: Bank details etc. will be furnished.

Contact us at: Our Pune Ph. No.: (+91 20) 2585 0400.
Cost per book bag / per center: Rs. 4,900 approx.
Address: N .S. Pendharkar, 348 Sindh Colony, Aundh, Pune - 411 007 India.
Email: nirmalsharad@hotmail.com
Website URL: www.paanpoee.org