"Every day do some writing & whenever you can keep reading"
Various Library Centers operating actions:
Our PnP Vachnalay Center does not need exclusive accommodation, own furniture or even a fixed location, to reach quality reading to the kids, youngsters and elders.
We select places where there are social workers and teachers actively engaged is running KG schools and hobby centers for their villages and rural communes.
The Start

Visit booksellers who keep books for wholesome reading (not ‘Time Pass’– thrillers, bestsellers, ‘time pass’ etc., all lucrative and abound) and offer to us reasonable discounts, for promoting ‘Reading’.
Selecting titles is the critical part. We take care in the selection of books to be introduced to ensure that they have all desirable qualities, viz. generate interest, give inspiration, are informative and educative, build character - qualities to enrich, and empower lives of our readers young and old.

Book Registers to track the books
After proper grouping, put the books (30 - 35 each) in special waterproof canvas bags, (designed by us and got fabricated for village handling - no zips!) for carrying daily by the aide, from home to PaanPoee reading places which are schools, temples, community halls, open places, etc.
Enter the details in registers; over 4000 titles have been entered so far. Books are individually labeled/stamped and entered in registers to send new and different topics, many requested by the readers themselves!
Arrange to hand over, or reach, these to teachers, library staff in fields, supervisors visiting Pune, etc...
The Helping Hands everywhere
Get reports of each library activity when they report about contents and usefulness of the books... (The titles/subjects & topic lists of books they request are an eye-opener! The city dwellers usually underestimate the intellectual class, aptitudes and attitudes of the rural folks. No 'time-pass' stuff they ask).
Our associate NGO ‘Vanasthalee, with its staff in Pune office gladly help us in this too, plus do accounts, suggesting new library centers, organize reaching of books to places they visit, etc. This 26-yr. old NGO is our channel through which our all donations (including from our friends) and e.g. HOH (foreign remittance) grant has been routed. has about 120 balwadis, same number of teachers, and 35 supervisors. They cheerfully help in all the mechanics of the Paanpoee library/ balwadi and hobby class centers.
PaanPoee - Operating from under stairs
Apart from this PaanPoee NGO also has established libraries at  several other villages, helped by the local social workers.
We two regularly visit these places, supply books, see their reports and interact with the readers in the communities.
Before we started giving away books we had no idea how sorely this one single activity was needed, can change so many lives, so many attitudes and create superior people and superior communities.
We can surely budget, execute and closely follow up what we get empowered to undertake.
1. The proposed expansion estimates assume that our PaanPoee library activity will get a boost by partly utilizing the existing mobile van facility.
Presently  Hobby class activities spread over 198 schools, involving 658 teachers and are serving 25,878 students of municipal schools in Eight districts. Though not all the teachers  carry the books atleast 3 to 4 hundred of them carry our books by hand!     
In addition the 15 special schools called 'Ashram Shalas', set up for children of Migrant workers, are served where 54 teachers help 1448 residential students. Our books are taken there.  
And another special type of schools called 'Remand Homes', 4 in number, are served by 16 teachers. The student strength is 380.
2. Presently, at only 2 places, mobile library + educational toys + usual toys are carried in a van.
One is at Baramati, where the van goes to interiors where our teacher finds it difficult to reach. It has served 57 schools in last 8 months, touching 60 to 80 children per day.
Another one is at Somatne. There it goes to 35 to 40 villages serving 3,500 to 4,000 children.
Whenever possible, the books are sent along sharing rental for Vanasthalee’s van but it is not always feasible to do so.
Dr. Nilima Sabharwal has observed this in her recent visit and has made recommendation for HOH to seriously consider PaanPoee being enabled, by renting another van.

3. The well-organized Jejuri school (183 students upto class) is heavily patronized by parents, other Govt. school teachers. It too has books provided by PaanPoee.